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Celtic Tree Essences



Explore the effects of Celtic Tree Essences. Would you like to discover your underlying constitution in relation to the Celtic Trees? With no exception each of us is related to one of the vowel trees in the ancient Ogham calendar. As a qualified Ogham practitioner, I can determine your basic tree type.

  • Enjoy an hour-long personal one-one sessions via skype or in person. I will then select and administer your tree essences from the Celtic Tree essences. These are derived from the Celtic Ogham calendar.
  • Use the essences of these Celtic trees to rebalance, align with your energy flow, and become more self-aware.
  • Order your essence here , together with either your birth tree or the current lunar tree.Take it twice-daily for a lunar month.

Aids to Balancing your life

I have created three items based on the Celtic Trees, all of which can help achieve inner balance and growth.

The essences

are powerful and subtle. In each session you will receive a lunar essence from one of the thirteen trees, to help with personality issues, and also a constitutional tree from one of the trees representing seasons. There were five main seasons in the Celtic period.

The booklet

I would recommend purchasing my small book Tree Murmurs at the same time, as it was this booklet that inspired Ian to devise his method.

Tree Meditations

And, if you are really keen, my tree meditations will help you assimilate the changes. They bring the essences more into your waking consciousness so you in effect become your own healer, which all good healing methods achieve.


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