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The Heather Season

This is a recording of Celtic tree meditations for the Heather season (May – August). It forms part of a series of soulful Celtic tree meditations. This is the third phase, or Summer phase, of the Celtic Tree calendar. My series of insightful Tree meditations are based on the inner meaning of the Celtic Ogham calendar. In this series I examine the role of soul world of the trees to awaken the human soul. This recording reflects the trees associated with the season, or cycle, of the Heather. Hence the title “Tree meditations for the Heather season“. In addition, it includes meditations on the path shown by the consonant trees. Listing them, they are the Hawthorn, the Oak,  the Holly, the Crabapple and and the Hazel.  Acting as an “umbrella” tree, the seasonal vowel tree is the Heather.

Festival Time

Beltane is the cross quarterly festival celebrated at this time of year. Then this is followed by  Midsummer’s Day which welcomes the madness of instability.

Celtic Tree Meditations

All the Celtic Tree meditations include guided imagery, breathing techniques, guidance on the tree essence, my poem on each tree essence, and ends with my summary affirmation.

The purpose of the meditation is assist your soul by taking you on a conscious journey to revisit, renew and upgrade the tree energies understood so well by the indigenous societies in Britain and Ireland. In this way we can honour the trees.  These meditations will strengthen your connection with the living world of nature, and strengthen your soul.

You may purchase the appropriate Ogham tree essence to accompany the meditation in order to absorb more fully the vibrations of the season.

You may like to purchase my popular book Tree Murmurs that guides you in a series of poems, together with explanations and diagrams on the complete calendar year. If you order in advance the entire series for €30 I will send you a complimentary copy of this popular guide book (you pay a small fee for carriage only).




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