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The Spiritual Meaning of Rosslyn’s Carvings e-book



This takes you step by step around Rosslyn Chapel to view Rosslyn’s carvings (beautifully hand drawn for this guide by a local professor in architecture). The inner meaning of the carvings and more importantly their positions within the chapel are explained for those who view this chapel as a veritable temple with a divine purpose.

Extracts from book randomly opened:

The inner pillar capital to the north shows two swans- the swan was a very sacred symbol in the Reshel system representing the second of three birds in the sacred bird kingdom, and as such carries high vibrations of the “Solarian” light codes. (The Eagle as a bird of prey is the first and the dove is the third.)

A dove descends at the end of the left outer arch, while a peacock struts it feathers on the end of the right outer one. The peacock too was generally regarded as sacred by the Templars….Both the dove and the swan were regarded as “Solarian” birds by the inner Templars who created these symbols to indicate the high solar codes of the Metatronic full light spectrum were present. The descending dove brings the spiritual energies down to earth in order that the earth may be redeemed.

Some of the testimonials:

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Your book is beyond good-it is fabulous! I am a lawyer and not a publicist, but I feel that with a broad spectrum your book will find a lot of interest with appreciative readers who will understand its significance

Colleen Texas February 9, 2015

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This book on the chapel’s carvings can be read on two levels – as an informative and challenging visitor guide to the sculptures, and as a fuller exposition of the spiritual beliefs informing the first title, as expressed through the carvings. Readers will naturally find reference to the Knights Templar and other characters from the intriguing Rosslyn drama in both books, and those of an esoteric leaning will find both titles far more rewarding than most of those available on Rosslyn

John Billingsley Ex editor Northern Earth magazine February 9, 2015


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