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I was approached by a sacred songstress Stellar Fairbairn about this tour of sites in southern Norway. She told be about a semi-private tour based on the research of our mutual friend in Norway: Harald Boehlke. Whilst I am unable to attend due to my own work commitments, I feel it is a worthy endeavour to include here. tracing the Norway pentagramI love the idea of using tone at key points of the Norway Pentagram as discovered by my author friend Harald Boehlke. Sound surpasses most methods in raising vibrations of both participants and the land they are present on at any key moment. It directly goes to the heart of the matter. When the land sings, or people feel so connected to the land and themselves, the original tone of the land can reveal itself in a myriad of ways to those travelling in search of higher truths. A pentagram is a seeding mechanism for new grids to emerge and no doubt this work will facilitate further grid upgrades, which will simultaneously allow the land to resonate according to the patterns of the divine feminine again. The divine feminine is a concept probably invented in our modern times to describe the human perception of a quality that often is lacking in both our society and our environment at large. It is the sincere hope of this heart-centred group of people that through their work the higher frequency earth grid systems will come into a more unified vibration that will touch all sentient beings on the planet.

 For all enquiries contact me in the first instance please!

Activating the Sacred Pentagram of the  Divine Feminine

Norway tour June 18 -28th 2016.


We will be covering quite a lot of ground during 10 days, so it is important that you feel comfortable. We will cover a mixture of terrain so please be prepared to stay comfortable in all seasons. We may even find glacial snow in some locations, so a variety of outdoor gear will be required to keep you warm and dry. Plan for all seasons on this trip, and also a bathing suit/swimming trunks would be good if you wish to experience a fjord dip in mid-summer! We will also be spending our last day at The Well in Oslo, which is the largest spa complex in Scandinavia. (They do have a policy that you must buy their bathing suits and trunks for 10 Euros, otherwise, you are free to go naked!) From my own personal experience, it was amazing and was a bit like being at an airport terminal sized spa where the list of ways to detox, cleanse and relax is endless! We will need it after such a road-trip and pilgrimage ahead!

Also, we will have the opportunity along the way to meet with the author of this amazing geometric discovery, Harald Boehlke, who discovered the pentagram and also had some very pleasing news from Henry Lincoln regarding his discovery as it is totally in line with the sacred pentagram in southern France and also Bornholm in Denmark.

Comparing old legends and historical facts the author Harald Boehlke has unravelled a fascinating story and found a holy geometry constructed by the Celts that the famous co-author of Holy Blood, Holy Grail, Henry Lincoln has deemed “the Norwegian extension of this extraordinary business.” The clandestine plan of the Celtic Church erecting cities and monasteries as markers in such a fashion that one with the use of The Golden Section was able to construct a gigantic pentagram across Southern Norway is also revealed. The geometry is illustrated by the author in easy to follow step-by- step diagrams.

The Celtic Church’s form of Gnostic Christianity contained certain elements brought to them by the largest of the Gnostic sects, the Ophites who revered the serpent, as a symbol of Christ. Following the Roman Emperors sanctioning of a certain breed of Christians in 325 CE, later known as the Roman Catholic Church, the Ophites and other Gnostics were persecuted, their scriptures confiscated and burned. They sought shelter in Syria, Egypt, Western and

Northern Europe. A large number of their writings were found in the Egyptian desert at Nag Hammadi in 1945 CE. In the manuscripts, one finds that Christ was called “The Beast”. “The interpretation of “the beast” is “the instructor”. For it was found to be the wisest of all beings.”

The number of the Beast, 666 figures prominently in the holy geometry placed across Norway and is disclosed in an obscure fashion in a certain Viking saga describing the burial of the Viking king Olav, later canonised by the Celtic clergy. The book abounds with exciting Viking lore. A treasure cave which legend claims connects with Scotland under the sea, explored by the Orkney Earl Ragnvald in 1127 CE. turns out to be the upper left arm of the holy pentagram. The Stave Churches, peculiar to Norway abound with serpent imagery; serpents are carved on pillars and portals writhing all over the churches and church roofs are fashioned so as to mimic serpent skin.

From ca. 935-1015 the Celtic Church made secret arrangements with no less than three Vikings of royal descent intent upon ascending the Norwegian throne. In return for the opportunity to convert their country to the Gnostic Celtic Christianity and put their sacred geometry in place, they assisted the kings in creating and deploying the law and order of the church, making the people more governable.

The book also exposes the Catholic Church ́s murder of the first Norwegian Archbishop on his return from his inauguration in Constantinople. The East- Roman Empire with its seat in Constantinople was considered by many to be the centre of Christianity and differed from Rome in its beliefs, resulting in “the great schism” or definitive separation of Rome and Constantinople on religious matters. After the Roman Catholic ́s murder in 1152 of the first Norwegian Archbishop they sent their own delegates unannounced from Rome to Norway and persuaded the Norwegian leaders to let them inaugurate an archbishop in Nidaros and a bishop in Hamar. Unknown to the Catholics Hamar was the last marker in the pentagram, and in inaugurating a bishop in Hamar they unwittingly completed the holy pentagram of their Celtic adversaries.

This is a tale that academia agreed with and yet refused to acknowledge. This is a tale of a massive scale building programme, hiding deep mystical truths, right beneath the eyes of Europe. Harald S. Boehlke has uncovered one of the most profound mysteries of ancient times. He has discovered a medieval system of sacred geometrical construction on a scale never before seen. Boehlke shines a bright light on these mysteries, revealing sacred and shocking truths and casting a dark shadow across the textbook history of Christianity.

 Exposing the serpent worshipping Celtic Church
Revealing that it was this Celtic Church that converted the Vikings and not the Catholic Church.
The amazing discovery of a massive symbolic landscape created by man
Unravelling an ancient murder mystery
Proof read by a university professor who was too afraid of the consequences to come forth

If you care for the truth then prepare for a journey through murder, mystery and intrigue the likes of which the world rarely sees and to bring these truths back to balance with the feminine knowing and wisdom to be revealed on the trip.

Your Hosts

Stellar is a teacher of Love and a sacred songstress. She has the ability to become a Divine Instrument where pure love and light codes flow through her voice. Her lineage is of the Rose and Magdalene Lines and in this life she has trained and taught many shamanic healers and has worked with the indigenous cultures of Latin America with plant medicines. She recorded her 2nd album in the great pyramid of Giza in Egypt and has activated many sacred sites with her Divine vocals the world over. She has the unique ability to sing in star languages and the language of light, which is a form of multi-dimensional communication and celestial resonance. She is currently working on a soundtrack for a new documentary film named “Sonic Geometry 2, Communicating with the Universe” and has a vast knowledge of the feminine mysteries, sacred sound and frequency, Divine Union, sacred geometry and ancient symbolism.

Unni is a native of Norway and brings a huge amount of knowledge regarding the ancient Celtic church, the feminine mysteries and carries many keys and codes of the Divine Feminine for this time and is amazingly organised and has so wonderfully organised this amazing tour for us all to enjoy, work, rest and play! She is also a social entrepreneur who micro-finances refugee start-up businesses. With extensive experience in tour guiding in the US, she is a practically minded person and will make sure the trip runs smoothly!

Amora is your driver. he is also an alchemist, shamanic practitioner, healer and holistic masseur. He has trained with indigenous peoples around the world, and he brings a knowledge of sacred geometry, earth energies, sacred union, secret societies, Knights Templar Lineage and all that is magical. Ancient ritual and ceremony are his keen interests and he will be bringing his drum and other tools of initiation, along with consciousness shifting techniques.

Our honoured guests who will be imparting their findings and wisdom with us…

Harald Boehlke, author of the Norwegian Pentagram, aka The Viking Serpent will join us for most of the trip.

Getting there.

Oslo Gardermoen and Oslo Rygge airports are well serviced from low cost airlines such as Norwegian.com and Ryanair from most European points of embarkation.



Norwegian.com offer direct flights from almost all of Europe as well as LA, NY, and Orlando in the US. Best low cost long haul option from USA and Canada seems to be Wow air which is an Icelandic company, with a basic no frills pricing approach for transatlantic flights, but you then need to fly Norwegian or SAS from Copenhagen or Stockholm as they still do not fly to Norway. And of course there are a multitude of international airlines offering Oslo as a destination. Also the best flight options from UK and Europe are covered through Norwegian.com and Ryanair.

The Route by land, sea and air starting and ending our journey in Oslo.

kong-magnus17.-18th, arrive in Oslo – get together on the night of 18th for dinner and information. Venue: Frognerseteren at the top of the hill. We will meet you at Thon Hotel Slottsparken and take you there.

19th: Coach trip to Hvaler islands (linked to the Pentagram) and to amazing Old Fredrikstad, have lunch and some sightseeing. After this we will see megalithic stone circles at Råde, and visit many more megalithic sites along the way on this trip.

After this, we go back to Oslo and will spend the rest of the day in Ruin parks in the city centre and Hovedøya, St. Edmunds Church (gnostic) and St. Mary’s Cistercian monastery.

Hotel accommodation overnight in Oslo

20th: Drive by bus to Hamar ruins (1.5 hour), the first point of the Pentagram:


Continue by Borgund Church (3 hours) and

St. Thomas Mountain Church, the middle of the Pentagram.

21st: Make our way through the beautiful Sognefjord to Selje, and take a boat trip to Selje Monastery and the St. Sunniva cave – on the circle surrounding the Pentagram. The legend of the Irish princess St. Sunniva, who’s story is virtually identical to that of Mary Magdalene: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunniva

From Selje we will drive and take ferry to Sandsøy, the next point of the pentagram. We visit ancient holy places, the kings farm, possibly belonging to King Arthur in the 500’s and the Dollstein Cave that is said to hide a treasure! All the time we will be activating these sites in sacred sound and brief ceremony and ritual to balance.

We make our way to Ulsteinvik to stay overnight in a Folkhighschool by the fjord where we will have a summer solstice celebration.

Molde, city of roses!

Stop in Kristiansund for dinner on the way. Overnight at a chosen hotel in Trondheim.

22nd: Drive by bus to Trondheim 7 hours. Interesting stops and ferries

23rd: Whole day in Trondheim sightseeing the Nidaros Cathedral, trip by boat to the round church at Munkholmen, the starting point of the base line for the pentagram. Some time on your own.
Afternoon: Bus to Tautra and Levanger (1,5 hour) to visit Tautra Monastery and Munkeby, both connected with the pentagram and both dedicated to Mary… and both have monks and Nuns actually living there 900 years after they were built! Still Cisterciens! We will celebrate St. Hans (St. John), a traditional midsummer celebration with a bonfire and music. Overnight accommodation: Solhaug Hostel in a beautiful setting by Solhaug fjord.

24th: Morning: Visit Stiklestad, the place St. Olaf was killed by the “helpers” of the catholic Danish king.
At 13.00 Coach to Værnes airport (1 h) 15.15: departure on Norwegian

flight DY167 to Bergen (book yourself to get the lowest prize before 18th Jan! If later, we will book for you, but you will save by doing this yourself now on www.norwegian.com now). We will spend the evening and next day in Bergen and surroundings. See pentagram connected sites: Monastery, Stave Church and other ancient churches (also dedicated to Mary) bringing the Celtic mysteries to life. Also sightseeing on your own. Staying overnight in a luxury

Hotel to relax and enjoy some unwinding time.

25th: Continue sightseeing in Bergen. Norway in a nutshell (optional tour or you can have a day at leisure in Bergen): Bergen – Stalheim, Voss, Gudvangen –Flom- Myrdal- back to Bergen.

26th: Take catamaran ferry from Bergen to Avaldsnes in Karmøy by Haugesund – ferry takes 3 hours. Avaldsnes is a Viking stronghold and the church is

connected with the pentagram. Other sights in Karmøy and Haugesund. Stay in Thon hotel in Haugesund.

27th: Go by bus from Haugesund to Blikafjell (4,5 h).

This is the Southern point of the Pentagram. We will have a special ceremony here bringing the Divine Feminine vibration back to the land and pentagram once more.

We go onwards to Norsjø hostel (1,2 h). Optional trip to Mikaels cave church – small hike and climbing. Others might want to hike in the nature on their own, or rest in the hostel.

The last night 27-28 june: we will stay at this hostel.
28th: Drive by bus from Norsjø to Tønsberg (1:45) with ruins of St. Olav’s round church, the biggest in Scandinavia, and the bottom of the base line of the Pentagram. Bus back to Oslo (1.5 h) to have total relaxation and a celebration dinner at Northern Europe’s biggest spa: The Well. www.thewell.no. End ceremony by the Heartspace sculpture in Kolbotn

29th Flights home.


Price per person including shared accommodation and single and double rooms where available is £2,250.00 UK pounds sterling.

This includes

  • All accommodation of varying standards due to the vast area that we will cover. Some nights we will be in youth hostels (with ready-made beds and food included) on the Fjords and other nights we will enjoy much higher standards of accommodation in selected hotels.
  • All transport by private high quality coach, ferries, one domestic one way flight from Trondheim to Bergen (unless you book now yourself to save,

and we will then deduct this from the overall cost), and a catamaran tour

of the fjords.

  • Also, it will include most meals, but some you may want to do on yourown at leisure in Bergen and buy some snacks on ferries and boats.
  • Also includes fees for our hosts, organisers and travel organizer.50% of the deposit is due now as we have to secure hostels and hotels with pre-payments. The balance is due by May 21st 2016. Limited to 40 participants on a first come first served basis.
    If for some reason you cannot make the balance payment by May or have to cancel, please let us know in advance so that we can arrange a refund for you, however we do have to commit to bookings of accommodation and in some cases a refund in certain places may not be possible. We aim to be as fair as possible and offer you a refund if we can.We strongly advise that you take out your own travel and personal accident insurance. Please make sure you are able to do hill-walking, cave exploring and have a reasonably good level of fitness at the time of travel.