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Eternal Elements: nature in Roslin Glen

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Roslin Glen is a veritable sacred glen that lies directly below the famous Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. This beautiful wild glen hosted a Roman shrine to Apollo, and much earlier than that was a Sun Temple. On a higher reality plane the energy of this local landscape is essentially timeless, all generated by this unique glen, that is laden with deeply spiritual elemental energies. This book reflects the spiritual beauty of the nature therein.


ISBN: 978 - 0 - 9541435-6-5-0

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It is a book like no other, seeming to present, with its poems and beautiful photos, the spirit world as well as the physical.

Anthony Deavin
Sanctuary Manager
August 29, 2020

Roslin Glen lies directly below Rosslyn Chapel and plays an immensely vital role in relation to the chapel. This book is dedicated to this sacred glen.
Extract from the book "album":

This highly attractive book can be used as a central feature in your home meditation area or altar.  Each page carries nature-inspired poetry written by nature poet Jackie Queally and is accompanied by her large stunning photographs. Photography was taken over a ten year period spent walking the glen in all seasons. This is a semi-hard cover book fashioned in the style of an old record album -  notes at the back explain the background to each photo and marvel at the spiritual lights and carvings in this great temple to the elements that supports Rosslyn Chapel!

Example of Poem entry:

River Dragon

Watching You

Serpent of the Mirror

snaking through the woods

Sacred sinew

blessing the land


Spirit races through my blood

warming veins

I know you store the memory for us all

And oh what power and might

lies with you Dragon!

Consuming dreams

transmuting water

into ether


the breath of freedom

into each rushing droplet

Extract from the book "sleeve"

About the Poems: River Dragon

The River North Esk forms the steeply wooded valley known as Roslin Glen. It snakes down from the Pentland Hills that the St Clairs held barony of in the twelfth century. There are many wonderful legends surrounding the St Clairs of Roslyn Castle. The river meets the South Esk in what were the grounds of Dalkeith Palace, and then it winds its way down to Inveresk  before merging into the sea at Musselborough. It is a magical river that has spawned tales of mystics abiding on its banks over the centuries. e.g. Lord Hawthornden of Hawthornden Castle. RIVERS  do hold memories of the land and its events. Psychically as well as physically their purity is essential for the well-being of its animals and people. Once there were paper and gunpowder mills based on the River North Esk. Salmon that used to swim in it disappeared from over-fishing and pollution. Now the small fish are returning as industry ceases.

A few of the testimonials:

This glen is the most overlooked part to the Rosslyn Chapel energetic complex – and is key to understanding the function of the chapel itself. A very attractively produced book – well done.

William Buehler, mystic, earth grid technician and originator of research into “Reshel” system of sacred knowledge.

Your books arrived safely today, and we are very impressed by the eloquence of the poetry, the quality of printing and the beautiful images. Well done!

Andrew Gilmour, East Lothian Scotland May 2010


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